each TREE SAFARI adventure traces the artistic process of acclaimed sculptor Brad Sells’ artistic process while exploring the history, science, and fascinating traditions of the charismatic characters he meets along the way.
Sells, quite literally, has carved a world-class career from rough timber; his work resides in galleries and museums the likes of Neiman Marcus, Del Mano Gallery, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, New York’s Museum of Art & Design, and the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery.
In their simplicity, the beautiful woods Sells seek cross not only geographic but social borders. From the arid African bush and lush Hawaiian forests to his Tennessee studio and the rarefied atmosphere of major international art shows, the woods of each TREE SAFARI connect the world through the philosophies of art, environmental stewardship and traditional cultures.
*All care is taken to ensure that the woods harvested and/or salvaged in the course of these programs are not classified as protected or endangered.